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Mirams Training Services (India) Private Ltd was registered as a private company in India in 2014. It has been formed by Mike Mirams, owner and managing director of Mirams Waterhouse Ltd in the UK, and Abhijit Das of Kolkata, with the purpose of developing world-class skills training programmes and services for Indian industry, and to build on and extend the work done in this field by the UK registered company Mirams Waterhouse Ltd.


Mirams Training Services' directors have, over the years, built up extensive associations with organisations and individuals who can be partnered with to meet the requirements of most Indian skills development programmes. These include:

International technical experts from a wide range of disciplines
Training practitioners in most vocational subjects
Assessment agencies
Certifying authorities.

Not having the overhead of many permanently employed specialists, but having access to these resources as and when needed, Mirams Training Services are able to operate at low cost yet remain extremely flexible and responsive.

The Directors

Abhijit Das, Managing Director, is a commerce graduate and project management professional from PMAC-USA. He has a degree in footwear technology along with 20 years' experience in manufacturing throughout India and overseas.

In 2009, Abhijit joined IL&FS Cluster Development Initiative as a Project Head - Leather and was responsible for the training of 14,000 rural youth from below the poverty line, making them employable and changing their lives.

In 2010, Abhijit Das was invited by the training department of the renowned global footwear manufacturer Ecco Shoes to study their training methodology at their school in Indonesia, and from that created course curricula and selection/assessment processes to international standards, which have been acknowledged by various organisations in India.

Mike Mirams, Managing Partner, is a quality professional based in the UK with a background in engineering, business management and training.An independent quality management consultant from 1990 before forming Mirams Waterhouse Ltd in 2000, Mike has worked with clients in many diverse sectors to improve quality and make global supply chains more effective and efficient.

In 1992, Mike first became involved with Indian Industry when he was engaged as a consultant by Ecco Shoes of Denmark to develop quality assurance programmes for their various sub-contracting manufacturers in Tamil Nadu. Since then he has worked with many Indian organisations supplying goods and service to European customers, and has developed an understanding of the diversity of Indian culture and way of life.

Mike has been involved in the IL&FS SELF programme from the start in conjunction with the certifying partner The Scandinavian Business Academy, having personally developed and implemented the quality assurance, audit and monitoring systems to meet the Academy's strict requirements, and that have helped the programme achieve the phenomenal success rate.

Certifying Partners

Our principal certifying partner is The Scandinavian Business Academy (SBA). Based in Denmark SBA has a long history of working in skills training development in India. Their independence ensures genuine and objective certification of skills programmes, whilst their flexibility and experience ensure that skills programmes are developed, delivered and certified in accordance with the needs of the Indian market which they serve - it is our experience that this is not always the case with foreign certifying bodies.